Training for Facilities Management Personnel

Ongoing care and maintenance of swinging egress, fire, and security door assemblies in buildings and facilities requires constant monitoring and periodic inspection to properly maintain them in working condition.  Knowing what elements, components, and conditions to inspect is an essential part of the maintenance process.  Likewise, knowing what type of modification work is permitted to be performed on fire door assemblies as routine maintenance versus the modification work that is not permitted is equally important. 

Safety inspections of door assemblies that are required by NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, and NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, are permitted to be performed by qualified persons (NFPA 80) and knowledgeable persons (NFPA 101) respectively.  The persons performing the inspections are not required by NFPA 80 or NFPA 101 to be third-party inspectors, which means that the door assembly inspectors can be part of the facility’s staff—they need to be able to show that they have acquired the requisite training for the types of egress and fire door assemblies that they inspect. 

Colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, and school districts are examples of the types of facilities that might benefit by adding door assembly inspections to their door maintenance program.

The first step in adding the safety inspections of door assemblies to an existing maintenance program is to train the personnel who will be responsible for performing the inspections and overseeing the execution of the door maintenance program.  Pardoe Consulting can assist in the design, development, and implementation of door maintenance programs that include NFPA 80’s and NFPA 101’s safety inspections of door assemblies.

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