Training for Architects

Generally, the architectural schools are not able to devote significant portions of their curriculum to the study of swinging egress, fire, and security door assemblies, the code and standard requirements that affect them, or the seemingly infinite combinations of door frame, door, and door hardware components that are used on them. 

Following are a few examples of some of the topics that are available:

  • Benefits of requiring preinstallation meetings for door installers.
  • Pitfalls of relying on MasterSpec and other boiler-plate specification templates for door assemblies.
  • How to coordinate door frame, door, and door hardware specification sections.
  • Safety inspections of fire and egress door assemblies.
  • How to incorporate NFPA 80’s Acceptance Testing into project specifications.
  • Understanding Special Locking Arrangements for fire and egress door assemblies.

Do you or your firm have a need to learn more about a specific door-related topic?           

Call or email me to discuss your training needs.

Note: Training is available by appointment via webinar-type presentations or in-person for larger groups (e.g., local/regional chapter meetings).  Pardoe Consulting, LLC is not currently a registered AIA/CES Provider.  Architects will need to self-report their participation to the AIA/CES program.