Training for Door and Hardware Industry Personnel

For most people who work in the architectural/commercial door and hardware industry, their primary form of training comes through on-the-job experience, which usually entails more than a little trial and error.  Some companies are blessed with having experienced and skilled staff members who can take time to teach new hires some of the fundamentals of the industry.  Other companies rely on the training that is available from external sources such as the manufacturers, the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI), and other industry-related sources like the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

DHI has made most its courses available to companies through their In-House training program.  Under DHI In-House training model, companies purchase the instructor and student materials for each of the respective courses and run the courses in their own facility on their own schedule.  The employee-students complete the very same end-of-class exams and receive full credit when they achieve a passing score. 

In some cases, some form of customized training is needed, which requires subject matter experts to develop and deliver.  For example, DHI offers DHI Challenge Exams for many of its educational courses, which students can use to document their knowledge, skill, and expertise that they acquired through other training sources.  A customized training program can be tailored to suit the training needs of specific employee-students to help them achieve their professional goals.

 Pardoe Consulting offers a range of training services that can accommodate nearly any educational scenario.  For example, some courses can be effectively delivered through online mediums through the use of desktop sharing apps, webcams, and other technology.  Other courses are better delivered through in-person classes.

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