Codes and Standards Training

Everyone needs a little help from time to time, especially when questions concerning  swinging egress, fire, and security door assemblies arise.  Often times, researching the competing requirements of all of the applicable codes and standards is needed to formulate a complete and, more importantly, correct answer.  Building, fire, life safety, and accessibly codes and standards are subject to frequent changes—many are updated on a 3-year cycle—and require constant monitoring in order to stay abreast of the changes that occur. 

Architects, manufacturers, specification writers for door assemblies, door and hardware suppliers, and inspectors of door assemblies need to be aware of changes in the codes and standards that affect their respective areas of interest.  In some instances, these parties might recognize a need in the industry that requires a change in the codes and standards. 

Whatever your door assembly needs might be regarding the building, fire, life safety, and accessibility codes and standards, Pardoe Consulting can be your resource.  Codes and Standards training services include researching specific requirements, updating you on the latest changes in the codes and standards, or assistance in formulating and submitting proposals for changes to the codes and standards.  Call or email me today with your code and standard needs.