Training for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs)

​Fire marshals, code enforcement officers, and other individuals who are responsible for enforcing building, fire, life safety, and accessibility codes are the men and women charged with fulfilling the role of the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) in their respective city, county, and state/province.  Many AHJ’s come from the construction industry and have acquired knowledge and expertise in certain areas of the construction field, but few have had the opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge of swinging egress, fire, and security door assemblies—including the code and standard requirements that affect swinging door assemblies.

Following are a few examples of the topics that are available for AHJs:

  • Introduction to NFPA 80’s Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance requirements for fire door assemblies.
  • Swinging Fire Door Assemblies: Component-based systems.
  • Understanding NFPA 80’s Performance-Based Option for inspection of door assemblies.
  • Understanding the different types of Special Locking Arrangements for egress and fire door assemblies.

Do you or your office have a specific door-related topic that you like to learn more about?  Call or email me to discuss your training needs.

Note: Training is available by appointment via webinar-type presentations or in-person for larger groups (e.g., local/regional chapter meetings).