Training for Door Assemblies

Doors are one of the few building elements that we interact with each day.  When the doors are in good operating condition, we tend to use them without any conscious thought.  On the other hand, when doors are not working correctly (e.g., they are too hard to open or they don’t close reliably) we tend to notice them.  And, in some cases, we attempt to “fix” the doors to make them work the way we need them to without being aware of the code and standard requirements that they are required to meet—even years after their installation.  

When it comes to egress, fire, and security door assemblies, seemingly minor defects or changes to the assemblies (e.g., removing door closer arms or removing/disabling latching hardware devices) potentially have significant consequences; especially under panic-inducing conditions like a fire.

Training and instruction for all aspects of door assemblies including their design, specification, installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance is available from Pardoe Consulting.  Training can be as convenient as a webinar-type online session on an appointment-based schedule or as involved as a multi-day face-to-face class delivered in your office or meeting room.

Do you have a topic related to egress, fire, and security doors that you would like to learn more about?  I can help.  To get started, call or email me with your training needs.

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