Specification Services

Well written professional project specifications for door assemblies requires an expert-level of product application knowledge, awareness of the many code and standard requirements, and coordination with all of the related specification sections. In addition, specification writers need to have mastered the art of writing specifications in accordance with the Construction Specifications Institute’s (CSI) SectionFormat and Manual of Practice.

Many architectural firms rely on guide specifications such as MasterSpec for all of their projects’ needs.  In the case of swinging door assemblies, the concept of having a single guide specification (from any source) that adequately covers the needs of construction projects for every type of building is just not realistic.  Professional door hardware specifications require much more than a simple list of hardware sets at the end of the section.

Manufacturers of door hardware components offer specification writing services at no charge, provided they are able to specify their company’s product lines.  Generally, these door hardware specifications are adequate in terms of completeness and correctness, but they tend to limit the selection of components for a project that usually does not create the most competitive bidding (meaning lower costs to the owner) on bid day.  One of the pitfalls of the manufacturer-driven hardware specifications is that many times the specification writers do not have the experience, skill, or expertise to properly coordinate the door hardware specifications with the related specifications for the door frames and doors. 

Pardoe Consulting operates independently from the manufacturers of door assembly components, bringing an unbiased perspective to each project.  Our fee-based specification services include reviewing existing master guide specifications and writing complete door assembly project specifications.  Specification services for a project can include any combination or all of the following:

  • Review and consultation of the door assembly elevations, door schedules, and door and frame detail drawings
  • Writing specifications for the door frames, door leaves, and door hardware components
  • Review and consultation of requests for product substitutions
  • Review and consultation of submittals
  • Coordination of pre-installation meetings at the job site
  • On-site installation inspection (during the installation phase)
  • Quality Assurance inspection reports with punch lists
  • Perform NFPA 80’s Acceptance Testing for swinging fire door assemblies

As an independent consultant, your clients’ projects are my priority.  I am not concerned with how many “widgets” might be sold, or incentivized to “push” certain product lines over others.  For more information regarding door assembly specification services, call or email me.