Commissioning of Egress and Fire Door Assemblies​

Swinging egress, fire, and security door assemblies are movable elements in buildings and facilities that the occupants touch and interact with on a daily basis.  Commissioning of the egress and fire door assemblies is an important step in the quality assurance process on construction projects.  As the door assemblies become more sophisticated and complex, the greater the need for requiring them to be subject to the commissioning process.

The unfortunate reality that occurs on many construction projects today is that the door assemblies are treated more as commodity items rather than critical elements of the means of egress and fire protection systems.  Consequently, they do not receive the appropriate attention to detail that they require.  Many egress, fire, and security door assemblies are not installed in compliance with ALL of the codes and standards that affect them.  Incomplete or inaccurate specifications, mistakes made during the ordering and fabrication phases, and poor installation practices and techniques all contribute to the noncompliance of the door assemblies with the applicable codes and standards.

The commissioning process is an invaluable tool that can be used to verify that the door assemblies are installed, function, and comply with all of the applicable codes and standards.  Building owners and property managers are assured that the egress, fire, and security door assemblies in their buildings and facilities are installed and function correctly before they take occupancy. 

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