​Mentoring and Tutoring Services

Individuals who are pursuing one of the Door and Hardware Institute’s (DHI) professional certifications (e.g., AHC, CDC, and EHC) or credential (e.g., FDAI) often have very few external resources that suit their specific training needs.  Many students wait for the DHI training course(s) that they need to fulfill their educational prerequisites.  Even after passing the required courses, students are left on their own to continue to study and practice as they prepare for the certification or credential exams.

Pardoe Consulting is uniquely experienced and qualified to provide customized mentoring and tutoring services to individuals seeking to become professionally certified or credentialed through DHI.  Mentoring programs can be designed to cover training from novice to expert level and any stage in between.  Tutoring programs can be used to address specific topics like detailing doors and/or hardware, studying the codes and standards (e.g., NFPA 80, NFPA 101, etc.), performing safety inspections of door assemblies, or writing door and hardware specifications. 

Effective one-on-one training can be accomplished through the use of Internet-based technologies on a time schedule that meets your needs—no matter where you are in the world.  Fees for mentoring and tutoring services are based on the specific needs of each individual.  One-time tutoring sessions or mentoring programs that span extended periods of time are available.

For more information regarding the mentoring and tutoring services, call or email me today.